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It is common for people to forget they have air ducts, they don’t even remember where their air ducats are located and that they need to be cleaned. Your air ducts should actually be cleaned every 5 years or so to improve the air quality in your home or work place. If you plan on moving to a new location, you should ensure that this cleaning procedure is done, because you can never know if prior owners took care of this maintenance.


At Star Air Conditioning Repair we genuinely care about your home and wellbeing. We want to keep the environment you live in safe and healthy. This is why it is important for us to inform you about the importance of duct cleaning. Every time you run your air conditioning system all the lint, hair, allergens, pet dander and ect. is flying around and most times we don’t even notice it.


The air duct cleaning process is quite simple and efficient. When a technician from our company comes to your home he will be glad to explain how this procedure is developed.


Your dryer vent is also considered part of your air duct, this should be checked at least 2 times or more per year. It is examined to prevent fires and dryer failure. There are many things that can lead to clogging like lint build up, nests and trapped debris. So keep in mind that one of our experienced professionals can handle your air duct.


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